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About Us

We are passionate about our label. Whats the story behind us?

Lovely to meet you all. Our brand originates from Finland, where sustainability and recycling are taken seriously and they are part of our every day lives - as they should be for all of us. Our mother taught us in early age that you should never litter the nature - you should preserve it. We left Finland to travel the world we were shocked how bad a lot of countries are in recycling and offering sustainable options. Currently we are based in Australia and we really want to change the way people think about recycling and sustainability in here.
We have been passionate about creating and designing our entire lives, so we wanted to combine our passion for fashion and recycling, and that is how Savari Jam was born.
We have a lovely, small team in Bali, who manufactures Savari and brings our designs alive. They are also passionate about recycling and the environment, so they make sure they do their part in the manufacturing process.
The main goal of Savari Jam is to raise the awareness of the plastic pollution and environmental issues we have on this planet, whilst having fun and enjoying the life. We are glad to have you on board. Together we can do this.

Big love,
Savari Jam

So where does your money go?

The main goal of Savari Jam is to spread the awareness of plastic pollution and get everyone to reduce their single-use plastic usage, make people more conscious and consume more ethically. And look good and feel good while doing it. We donate monthly to charities who help cleaning plastic out of our beautiful oceans and other organisations who do our planet good. Savari Jam's designs are inspired by the beauty of Australia combined with Finnish design.

By buying a piece of Savari you are:

• Supporting an organisation that plants a tree with every order we make with them,
• Support ocean cleaning as our swimwear is made of recycled ocean plastic waste,
• Support different organisations as we donate monthly to organisations that do our planet good (take3forthesea, 4ocean, bushfires etc.)
• Support a small family business in Bali who manufactures our swimwear.

We mail our swimwear in a compostable mailing bag, our invoice label is biodegradable and the paper work inside can be thrown in the recycling bin.

We are grateful for being able to do what we do which is why we want to give back as much as possible.